Retreat With Purpose

Aadya Holistic Retreat gives guests the ultimate experience when it comes to hosting and organizing corporate meetings and events of the highest quality. The facilities on offer at the retreat will allow guests to create the ideal setting that they require for each event, whilst the scenic views that the venue has to offer will surely create a fantastic and breathtaking atmosphere to entertain any sort of function.

Conference & Events

Aadya Resort is an ideal location for corporate conferences and events. The incredible atmosphere and ambience of the resort is enhanced by the spectacular scenery on offer. It offers clients a tranquil and scenic venue which is beaming with authentic views and unique facilities. Moreover, the luxury resort is able to cater to events of all sizes and includes packages to ensure that every event is meticulously organized and conducted smoothly.


At Aadya Resort, we understand how important it is to conduct meetings which keep people inspired and engaged throughout the day. That is why we have a Mindful Meetings package that makes it easy for corporations to execute effective meetings. The venue at Aadya has the perfect space to promote concentration and encourage collaboration among those in attendance, while the high-quality catering on offer by the resort, will help to promote the concertation of your delegates and leave them impressed with the atmosphere of the meeting.

TEAM building

A core component of effective teamwork is ensuring that members of a team work well together. Aadya Holistic Retreat provides the ideal environment and facilities for corporations to implement Team Building tasks in an effort to strengthen the relationships between colleagues. The venue offers a range of such activities, which includes Group Outdoor Activities.


The beautiful views and scenic location of Aadya Holistic resort makes it a great spot for outdoor activities. The large space is ideal for groups of any size and these outdoor activities are perfect for team building or other recreational purposes.


Aadya Resort provides an excellent opportunity for corporate groups to reconnect and further strengthen their team. Corporate Yoga is a recreational activity that the resort offers, as it allows members of the team to relax and rejuvenate together in a serene and beautiful landscape. This is an ideal team building activity as it not only transports indivuals away from the stress of the city, but allows them to build new connections with each other in a calm and tranquil environment.

PACKAGE-1 (Corporate Resolute)

  • Conferencing facility with projector and mike
  • Organised meetings and presentations
  • Team building activities
  • Corporate yoga

for your customised package from Aadya please call 7022035961 now or enquire

PACKAGE-2 (Corporate Tranquil )

  • Conferencing facility with projector and mike
  • Team building fun activities
  • Adventure games like Zip line and Obstacle courses
  • Stress relieving yoga and Ayurveda sessions

for your customised package from Aadya please call 7022035961 now or enquire