Aadya Brings You Closer

Aadya Holistic Retreat provides the perfect venue for hosting Weddings and Parties. It caters to a large number of guests and is equipped with the facilities and area for a truly spectacular function. The stunning scenery and atmosphere is sure to capture the hearts of guests and provides the ideal backdrop to any event.

Wedding Venue

Weddings are very special occasion in one’s life; hence it is important to have the right setting for the entire event. Aadya offers phenomenal settings for every taste to be a memorable occasion. The area is known for lush green gardens and serene environment .We customize your special day with the kind of theme best suited and liked by the family.

Wedding Reception

We also organize the various traditions and customs attached with the entire wedding plan to bring out the real essence of the occasion. Wedding Reception is an event to culminate the process with happiness and blessings of near and dear ones. We at Aadya make it a special one.

Wedding Menu

Selecting your wedding menu can be one of the most fun tasks of all the decisions you have to make while planning your wedding. At Aadya, our food is created with love and served to you and your guests with the same care we would take in our own home. For us, it's all about creating unforgettable food experiences.

Cake & Flowers

As far as wedding cakes go, your options are limitless. Aadya will coordinate to arrange the best cakes to suit your theme and style.
Aadya is passionate about creating uniquely tailored floral arrangements to suit each individuals needs for the perfect ambience on the day. Aadya will coordinate with one of the best local wedding florist to pull it off for your wedding day.

spa & beauty

Experience the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation at Aadya Holistic Spa, where we combine the essence of nature with traditional Ayurveda to pamper you and prepare you for your special day. Let all your cares drift away as you indulge and escape with a unique array of authentic Ayurveda massages, facials and body scrubs.


Aadya can coordinate with hire Cars Companies to book your bridal cars with confidence, knowing that every detail relating to your wedding transportation will be attended to.
The resort also has ample parking spaces, so you need not worry about the parking for your guests.

Wedding/Party Package

Select your events

for your customised package from Aadya please call 7022035961 now or send yor enquiry on sales@aadyaresort.com


Aadya has a full package for the wedding which caters to all the needs of the wedding from the beginning to the end. By taking this package, Aadya will arrange the venue, reception, wedding menu, stay for the bride and party, groom and party, cake, flowers and car. It will be a stress free wedding for you to enjoy this precious moment with family and friends.

for your customised package from Aadya please call 7022035961 now or send your enquiry on sales@aadyaresort.com


Aadya’s package -2 will provide you with the venue, stay for bride and party, groom and party.

for your customised package from Aadya please call 7022035961 now or send your enquiry on sales@aadyaresort.com