The beautiful location and scenery at Aadya Resort is both captivating and relaxing, as guests are often lost for words upon entry. The resort not only has a scenic landscape and lush natural surroundings, the facilities on offer are also of the highest quality. The wellness programmes, recreational activities, as well as the staff, are also very exceptional, and the services that the resort has in store are sure to impress and meet the needs of all guests.

Our Mission

At Aadya Resort our mission is simple – to provide you with excellent service and luxury in a scenic environment. Set against a backdrop that drips with tranquillity, the resort will transport you to a state of ultimate relaxation. The incredible facilities and spectacular landscape makes Aadya Resort the perfect choice for any holiday or even as an ideal choice when it comes hosting events.

What Makes Us Different

Aadya Resort

Aadya Resort Bangalore is located on Doddabalapura Main Road and is a place where you can unwind yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Spending time at Aadya, allows you to relax and rejuvenate yourself as you enjoy our wellness programmes and try a hand at our fun recreational activities. The resort will leave you feeling more energetic and tranquil, and eager to come back for another stay at paradise.

Aadya Ayurveda Wellness Program

Aadya Holistic Retreat strives to make the ancient Indian Holistic Health techniques of Ayurveda and Yoga, a way of life. We believe that only secrets that lay submerged in ancient pamphlets and age-old therapeutic practices will end modern-day stress and thereby enable you to live life to the fullest. Our herbal medicines, physical massages and various other forms of therapies offer excellent remedies for many illnesses. We provide you a relaxing ambience where the timeless wonders of Ayurveda are applied holistically by highly qualified professionals. We assist you in reaching your full potential and help you lead a harmonious and virtuous life.

Aadya Pure Nature

We understand that an individual is a complex combination of elements that are capable of being brought into harmony. Our approach - treating the tripod of body, mind and soul. Our constant endeavour is to better our services in every possible way. We cherish the idea of providing the best traditional ayurvedic treatment to our patients without any compromise. Along with the treatment, we believe in creating a positive environment - through our sprawling lush green surroundings, calm and quite atmosphere, thorough-bred professionals and friendly staff. We are committed to providing stellar facilities in an eco-friendly ambience

Aadya Facilitiest

The exemplary venues on offer Aadya are perfect for private and corporate functions. They can easily accommodate bounteous number of guest.

  • The spacious conference room is ideal for a meeting of over 200 guests.
  • Revel in the lawn area that is perfect for any function of over 3000 guests.
  • Feast near the poolside that can accommodate 500 guests.
  • Live a little more near the sedate lake that can hold over 1500 guests.
  • Rejoice in the two acres of land in Aadya that can accommodate 10000 people.
  • Luxuriate in our marked bedroom cottages ranging from 3,000/day to Rs. 5,000/day.

10000 Fully Growned Trees

The resort has an extensive collection of spectacular scenery. The luscious green includes 10000 fully grown trees which add to the incredible ambience that Aadya resort offers. The serenity and tranquil atmosphere will send you to a state of utter relaxation as you use your time at the resort to unwind and enjoy the views and facilities.